Servant. Faithful. Leader. Passionate.

At a Glance:

Minister Cummings’ passion for Jesus and His Church is contagious. From serving in some of the most auspicious and honorable positions to just being there to listen, she is authentically radical. With an unbridled fervor for ministering to Youth and Students, she is helping the Faith Place reach ALL generations.

  • Has a deep passion for souls

  • Born and raised to be a leader of God's people

  • Joyfully serves all across the region

Minister Melanie Cummings was born November 11, 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio. At age 12, she was baptized in Jesus name, and then at age 13 received the gift of the Holy Ghost. She’s a lover of God’s people—specifically passionate to work with youth and children (in and out the church). With this passion and divine help of God, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Education from Ohio University.

From 1990-2014, she attended Bethlehem Apostolic Temple {} in Wheeling, West Virginia where her anointed father, District Elder D. W. Cummings, is the well-known pastor. It is there “Minister Melanie” has developed her love for being a Kingdom servant by being an usher, choir member/director, children’s church director, Sunday school teacher (since 8th grade), driver for bus ministry, mid-week “Bible Club” leader, Bible bowl coach, audio and video operator for media ministry, Sunday School superintendent, and wherever else needed. She was the youth leader of the Radical Youth for Christ from 1999, her senior year in high school, until 2010.

Furthermore, her leadership gift has developed through regional and state youth positions. She humbly served the Ohio Southeast Region Young People’s Union (SERYPU) as secretary, children’s church director, praise team leader, choir member/director and Vice President. In the Ohio District Council Young People’s Union, she has served as Website editor, children’s church director, choir member, and Vice President.

Minister Melanie has also committed to ministering to children every summer “until the rapture” at the Ohio District Council Children for Christ Camp {}. She has been the co-director, with her father, since 2007. 

Recently, she has been teaching first grade at Village Preparatory in Cleveland, Ohio and has been ministering to the single adults and youth (Preschool to 8th grade) of Akron, Ohio at First Apostolic Faith Church, pastored by Elder Samuel Hampton II {}.

Overall, Minister Cummings strongly desires to enable children, teenagers, and adults to become mighty witnesses for Jesus Christ and equipped to operate in kingdom authority and power (Acts 1:8). “NOW IS THE TIME FOR GREATER MIRACLES, SIGNS, & WONDERS TO FOLLOW THEM THAT BELIEVE!” (Mark 16:17; John 14:12)

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