Details About Your Personal Invitation toThe Faith Place

I want to personally invite you to be my special guests at our upcoming Sunday Celebration at 11:15am!
SPECIAL NOTICE: Watch and read this information completely…

The Possibilities Are Endless at The Faith Place

We believe that God’s power and love will change everything about your life- spirituality, relationships, finances, and your destiny! I’ve personally made sure that your experience this Sunday will be the most amazing church visit you’ve ever had. Here are a few things we’ve prepped for your visit:

  • Welcomed Like a Friend, Not an Intruder

    I know how you may feel when you visit a new church. That’s why we’ve developed a love-based culture where we treat you like a friend, not a foe. We’ll hug you and love on you like we’ve known you for years- regardless of your past.

  • Experience God

    Our music and singing features some of the region’s finest. More importantly, these are people who love Jesus dearly and His presence and power flows through them. Our songs will encourage your heart, inspire your faith, and draw you closer to Jesus!

  • Biblical Teaching that Challenges and Empowers You

    I spend the majority of my week studying and fine-tuning the message you’ll hear. I make absolutely sure I’ve heard from God and am prepped thoroughly so you are spiritually fed. Even if you’ve never studied the bible much, I teach in a way that you’ll be able to understand and immediately apply it to your life.

Important Steps You Must Take Next:

The Faith Place is the ONLY PLACE for you to be if you’re looking for a real, lasting change and relationship with God! Feed your faith and grow closer to God than you ever have before.

Here’s what you need to do right now…

#1. Mark in your calendar on this Sunday at 11:15am that you’ll be visiting The Faith Place (790 Easter Ave., Akron, OH 44307). It’s best to come a bit earlier so you don’t miss anything and you can get a good seat.

#2. Invite some of your friends and family to come with you this Sunday. After all, it’s always better when you’re experiencing God with people you love.

#3. Do everything in your power to make sure you visit. It seems that when you set your mind to do something, “life” throws everything it can at you to deter you. No matter what happens, commit to being here this Sunday.

#4. Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter here so you can start receiving empowering information daily.

#5. Prepare for God to speak to you in a real, loving way. Your life will never be the same.