Wellsley Jones

Minister of Music

Wellsley Jones was born and raised in Toledo, OH and grew up in a household founded on the Word of God. She is one of 4 siblings and the daughter of two faithful servants in the Lord’s church – Pastor Waynard L. Jones, Sr. and the late Psalmist Lisa M. Jones. She comes from a long line of gifts and even as a child was groomed for multi-faceted ministry.

She began her journey at FAFC in 2016 as a Kent State University Main college student, seeking a home church that would teach the unadulterated Word of God, promote righteous living, engage her age group and welcome all with open arms. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Merchandising and Marketing, she chose to stay in the Akron area to pursue purpose and remained a member of FAFC.

In 2016, Sis. LaVetta Smith – the Minister of Music, took Wellsley under her wing as a daughter and emerging leader. Wellsley then joined the music ministry and began to faithfully assist Sis. LaVetta.

She now leads the music ministry under the FAFC Pastoral team and as the Holy Spirit guides. She is a kind and caring intellectual – dedicated to remaining teachable and passionate about: order and excellence, music, education, serving in the community, fashion, and more. But most of all, she is committed to her relationship with God, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and showing His love to all.

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